How we started

2007 Box4 was founded and began its activity, conducting various scientific / professional events for dental students and dentists.

How we evolved

2008 Box4 started delivering healthcare trading and training services in Angola.

2010 Outpatient nursing services were designed and implemented for the first time in remote and isolated places in Angola. Later these outpatient clinics changed their name to Occupational Health Centres.

2011 Launch of Dental Team Magazine, a quarterly, digital scientific and professional magazine, which features scientific articles, professional and / or social news and information, as well as advertising and marketing for Dentists, Dental Technicians, Oral Hygienists and Dental Assistants. Its main objectives include ensuring various socio-professional and scientific content and be a reference edition, qualitatively demanding, seeking socio-professional and scientific enhancement of its readers, supporting dentistry in Portuguese-speaking space, editing content aimed to Portuguese residents outside Portugal and to nationals of Portuguese-speaking countries.

In the same year Box4 began providing E-Marketing services with the creation of a database with specific software for event management and marketing. Box4 also started providing subcontracting healthcare services to public and private entities.

2016 The company was restructured, leading to the implementation of corporate changes as well as the reorientation of its core business for performing services, trading and consulting in occupational health, nationally and internationally.

2017 Strengthening of the company’s presence in the African market by initiating health care consultancy in Zambia.

2018 Consolidation of administrative and management processes and procedures and focus on the strengthening and training of the Box4 team.



Box4 PME Certification.

Implementation of the personal data protection system, increasing compliance with European and national legislation.

The Box4 Management System has been certified by SGS under NP EN ISO 9001: 2015 (Quality), certificate number PT19 / 07073, for the design, implementation and management of occupational health consulting projects, including studies and reports, support in the selection of human resources, procurement of materials and promotion campaigns in the health area.

Starts health care consultancy services in Zimbabwe and plans to open similar services in more African countries during the next years.

In its years of existence, Box4 has held several training courses and events, either on its own initiative or at the request of private health entities, as well as developing several consulting projects and specializing in large health trading projects for Angola.


Box4 aims to be responsible, to communicate clearly, to be transparent and to respect rights and principles that allow us to satisfy the expectations of all those who hire us. Understanding the values, culture and healthcare and safety needs of organizations and their workforce is Box4 mission.

We believe we can add value by offering companies and institutions solutions and services that help them succeed in their activity. Being successful in this mission will allow Box4 to grow even more and to keep our clients permanently satisfied. We actively seek to build and maintain strong enduring relationships based on trust and shared vision with different public and private entities.

Our customers are our partners and our employees are our best asset to maintain and create new partnerships.


Marco Cabral

Executive Director

Paulo Vaz Guimarães

Non-executive Director

Diana Ferreira

Administrative Manager

Pedro Granja

Marketing and Communication

Partners and Clients


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